About Us

Does the marine reef aquarium life excite you like nothing else can? Are you a reefer? Then wear it loud and proud with our reef hobby t-shirts! Soggy Tees is the place where you can have your doses of the marine reef aquarium anytime, anywhere because our T-shirts are that awesome!


Designs That Speak To The Reefer Heart

Soggy Tees is a T-shirt company that designs and sells shirts made for saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Soggy Tees was created in February 2014 and a brainchild of reef hobbyists themselves. We design with a passion that no one else can emulate. As reef hobbyists with our own reef aquariums, we understand the joys and frustrations that come with reefing. We understand the humor in the nerdy reef stuff that only reefers like us can recognize. And you can see all of that injected into each T-shirt design. Our shirts speak to fellow reefers. Our designs are from the heart and it is our commitment to keep giving you new and fresh styles that you will love. Soggy Tees brings reefers together. Soggy Tees are the amazing T-shirts for saltwater aquarists by saltwater aquarists.


Exceptional Quality and Fresh Designs

Soggy Tees is also about providing you with topnotch quality. This is why we use Gildan T-shirts so you can be assured that you have great printing quality and comfort as you wear it. Soggy Tees believes in quality, comfort, and uniqueness. At Soggy Tees, we continue to find new ways to set ourselves apart like giving the option to customize most of our designs and building a growing line of designs specifically for women in the reef hobby. And being reef hobbyists ourselves, we know what you want. Does it get any better than that? We offer sizes for everyone in the family from Youth XS to Ladies style tees to Men’s big and tall sizes. We ship worldwide too (email us for international shipping quotes). Soggy Tees is committed to offering the largest selection of reef T-shirt designs on the planet. We are dedicated to giving you new and fresh designs that are of exceptional quality and T-shirts that soak in the colorful, exciting, and refreshing life of the marine reef aquarium!